What is USB Type C?

Is one of the questions you ask when you upgrade your phone “does it have the same charger?”
Then you need to read about USB Type C!
What is USB Type C?
USB-C is a new type of connector, that is the replacement for Micro USB, or the charger that practically every Android phone, and even some feature phones, have used for the past years.
How is it different?
Unlike Micro USB, USB-C is a reversible port, that allows the user to insert the plug two different ways, achieving the same result. This also means that both ends of the charging cable can be the same, as well. It also implements USB 3.1 standard for data transfer between your device and a computer, or another USB 3.1 device. On top of all of this, the new QuickCharge standards are also in place, allowing your device to charge faster, and better than ever!
How soon until USB-C comes out to the public?
USB-C is actually already implemented in many devices, ranging from smartphones, to laptops and desktops, to external hard drives. Specifically, the LG G5 had USB-C, which was released in early 2016, followed by the V20 in late 2016. The next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices will likely have this as well.
Aside from phones, many laptops have USB-C inputs, notably the MacBook line from Apple, which features USB-C.
So, does this mean I now have to buy a new cable when I upgrade?
Actually, most smartphones come with the charging cable and brick in the box. You only have to buy a new one if you want to get extra cables, which we always recommend you have, in case something happens to your main cable.
If you have any questions on USB Type C, or what it means for you, please reach out to our knowledgeable staff here at Consulting on Wireless.

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