Is wireless charging still relevant?

If you have seen new Samsung devices for the past few years now, you will probably know one of their selling points in commercials is the fact that it can wireless-ly charge.
What is wireless charging?
In a nutshell, the phone has a sensor on the inside of the body connected to the battery terminals, that allows inductive charging through a technology called Qi. The signal is transmitted through a (usually) disc shaped object that is connected to a wall, eliminating plugging in your phone, hence wireless charging.
You no longer have to plug your phone in at night, you simply put it on one of the many wireless charging pads that are available, and it starts charging. It is also useful if your charging port is broken or has issues, you have another means of charging. That, and its pretty awesome that you can throw your phone on a little pad and charge it. That’s the future, folks.
The technology isn’t 100% there yet to charge your phone at the same speed as a wired connection. If you charge your phone overnight, you probably won’t really notice. But, if you need a little juice so your battery doesn’t die, and your phone has Quick Charge abilities, the wireless charging pad isn’t going to be as fast. The charging pads are somewhat pricey right now, as the good quality Samsung ones are often times $45 and up. The phone also has to have a glass back in order for it to be able to wireless-ly charge, so iPhone users have to buy an adapter that plugs into the Lightning port and then has a pad that sticks on the back of the phone.
In conclusion:
Wireless charging is seriously cool. The new LG G6 has this technology, and I would imagine future generations of Samsung devices will too. iPhone rumors like to point towards wireless charging, but they would have to change how the phone is built in order for it to work, and it seems like a lot of people like the current iPhone line-up builds. The technology still has a long way to go before it is as good as a wired connection, but it is still a very cool feature. and I’m sure many of you will agree that it is quite handy to just put your phone on a pad as opposed to finding your cable every night!

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